Friday, February 6, 2009

What a face!

Here is a recent snapshot of Chloe...isn't it hysterical?! *smile*


Dear Abbi said...

Aww, she is soo cute!

Megan Spilker said...

Oh that she simply adorable! I still haven't seen Chloe up close. She has such delicate features... she'll be gorgeous.

Rebecca said...

She's cute even when she is grumpy!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha- she is so CUTE!

Anonymous said... word!!! Talk about the most adorable little thing you've ever seen!!! Was she born in December or January?! Either way she looks very strong, and healthy! She is SO.....Cute! Oh... please post more pictures of her Lacey! I wish I was an aunt! Hint.. hint Abi, and Josiah!=)*wink* Megan Spiker is right she's going to be gorgeous! You all are SO...blessed with the prescious little gift God has given you! Love, and miss ya TONS Lace! It' been way to long since I've last seen ya!

Love Ya!