Friday, September 25, 2009


As I told you in my last post, I was going to include the link to Abby's website to see the wedding pictures. My sister absolutely LOVES taking pictures!!

Click on the picture and it will direct you to her website!



Monday, September 14, 2009

Here I am!

So it's taken me a little longer than I had hoped to get this post up! Well, I'm not going to give excuses but just dive on into the deep blue of updating you! *smile*

Over the past month, things have been very very busy around here. I've really enjoyed getting to travel some! The third weekend in August, I made my very first "solo" flight to Indy for the W.I.T. Conference (Whatever It Takes) being held in conjunction with IBLP. There were over 200 people in attendance listening to several different sessions covering several topics, by Paul & Jenny Speed. Those topics ranged from the Christian's testimony, being open and broken about sin, listening to God's voice, and to marriage. I met some very nice girls while there and hope to continue building those relationships. I also spent a little time with my grandparents before heading back home.

Then, over Labor Day weekend, my family and I traveled out to visit with my grandparents. Our family hadn't been back there since Thanksgiving, so, it was good to be in the Hoosier State again. *smile* (A little sidenote here, I really like Indiana! Very quiet and of the very few places I've visited and could actually say I wouldn't mind living there.) of the highlights of our trip was that we got to go to a college football game. (Insider info here, my little brother, Thatch, absolutely LOVES football!!)

This past weekend brought the marriage of two very dear people. Ab had the very special privilege of being one of the back-up photographers at the wedding. Once she gets her pictures up I'll give you the link.

In just two days we'll be packing our bags again for yet another wedding! This time our little 15 passenger van will take us to the great state of Texas!! I've been very psyched about this trip! I'm so looking forward to traveling to some places I'm not very familiar with. Several years ago, my brother and I went down there with my grandparents...but we only passed through a couple of the places we're going. So - I'm looking forward to it!!
Below are some pictures from my time at the conference and our visit to my grandparents' place.
Some of my friends. L~R: Anna, Bailey, Brooke and Beth During one of our breaks
All my roommates! L~R: me, Sara, Lauren, Amy and Joy
My roommate and fellow blogging friend, Sara
My roommate, Joy
One of my teammates, Jessica
Grandma, me, Grandpa
The Indianapolis Airport - SO cool!
After my family picked me up from the airport, we ate at a local pizza place. A man making different balloon figurines created this for me. He was pretty good!
Abby and Tanner
The Family
Dad, Mom and Ab
Molly-girl and me
"The Tan-Man"
Ab & Thatch during dinner
Dad - our designated driver!