Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Hello all!

Hope you all enjoyed a nice Christmas! We enjoyed ours! It was fairly relaxed and Griff, Bek, and Chloe came over to celebrate the holiday with us. Pictures soon to follow! ;-)

Well, guess what? It's someone's 2nd birthday - mine!! (What, you thought I was older?!) Okay, okay, it's actually my BLOG's 2 year birthday today. Over the past two years, I have written/posted 152 posts - published and unpublished, utilized hundreds of templates, displayed pictures, and met new friends. I've throughly enjoyed my blogging years and will look forward to more in the future!

So, at this time I would like it if you (that means all my blogging buddies, friends, family and the "lurkers"!), to take just a moment and leave a comment telling me a little bit about yourself, where you're from, and how you found my blog.

Thanks so much!


Kenna said...

I'm from Missouri!
Not exactly sure how I found your blog. I think it was through Dare To Be Different (Tori's blog)

God Bless & Happy Birthday! :)

My Bright Corner said...

Hi, I'm Rebecca! I've been blogging about the same time as you {except I wimped out and started a second blog - ha!}.

I DO NOT remember how I found you. Weird, isn't it?

And I still need to send you an email so you can tell me how you know Janelle. I'm still dying to know!!

Tori said...

Hey Lacey!!

I love reading your blog!! Thanks for following mine too!

I'm Tori, I'm 16 (turning 17 next month!), and from Iowa. I love hockey, black jellybeans, and the Florida Gators. ;)

By the way, it's been really fun to connect with you and Abby on fb! =)

Congrats on your "blogiversary"! =)

Dear Abbi said...

I think you found me, and that's how I found you. :) Happy blog birthday and Merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

Hi Lacey!
Glad you all had a good Christmas. I think you know who I am... :) Hope to see you sometime soon!
~Rebecca C.

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Lacey! I'm glad I know you in person, not just online. :) Praying for you.

Miss B said...

Yay for special milestones! Let's see, about me? Born and raised in Brookside and Waldo, I am a huge fan of the the Muppets. I love international food. And I am obsessed with the placement of artwork.(Naturally... =D) I discovered your blog through your family Christmas letter, and have enjoyed reading it over the past two years. =D

Marjolaine said...

Hi Lacey!
Glad you enjoy your blog! I would LOVE to see photos of Chloe, who must be growing up so fast! Actually, I`d like to see photos of all of you! What did your family photo look like this year? What is your address?
Miss you and Abby!
PLEASE tell Abby I said Happy Birthday!
Love, Marjolaine

the W. family said...

Hello Lacey!
I really don't know where I first found out about your blog. I have it bookmarked so I look at it from time to time and enjoy it every time I do! I've really enjoyed your pictures and the templates you use!

I'm the youngest of three girls, live in freezing white MN :), and I love baking and decorating anything, especially cakes!!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful blog!

My blog is at: I love comments too! :)