Friday, June 27, 2008

Conference Time

We're back! Thanks for praying for a safe trip. At this year's conference, besides seeing our good friends we had the privilege of hearing some new speakers, Kevin Swanson, The Duggar Family, and Eric Enlow. Although there were more, these were the only speakers that I went to hear. Below are some pictures from the week:

Molly & Abby--enjoying a chocolate chip cookie from our stop at Starbucks.
Mom & Ab

Molly & I

Just call us "Seital"
Enjoying the pool!

Enjoying the pool, also!

Abby & Marjolaine

Marjolaine & Nikola, sisters
Katrina, Me, and Sonia
L-R: Jedidiah, Mr. & Mrs. R, Mom, Molly,
Abby, Katrina, Me, Sonia and Josiah
Miss Molly looking serious...ahem...dangerous

Valerie, Sadie, Me, Katrina and Abby
Katrina, Ab and Sadie
Katrina and Sadie
Sadie and Valerie
Sadie, Maggie, Katrina and Sonia

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hitting the Road!

Hey there everyone! I just thought I would write a quick note letting you all know that we will be out of town until Wednesday. My mom, sisters and I are traveling across the state for a hs conference. We plan on arriving home sometime Wednesday. We'll probably have several pictures and then my blog won't look so abandoned. *smile* Please pray for safety as we travel. Thanks!

Talk to you soon!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Mix Up

I just posted part three to Christie's wedding, but, since I saved my pictures in a post in May it's listed further down my blog. So, just know that part three is there, you just have to scroll down to view those pictures. Why couldn't it just be simple?!

Christie & Ryan, Part 2

Ryan with Mike, Mark and Josiah
Groom with his family
Ring Bearer
Flower Girls
Christie with her dad

During the ceremony
The Cake
The dessert table
Garter toss

Christie & Ryan Part 1

Well, here is part one of three posts of the recent wedding I told you all about. These are the photographer's pictures. I'll probably post mine in part three. Enjoy!
Mr. and Mrs.
The Bride

The Bride's Family

The Bride's Parents

Christie & Katherine, flower girl

Christie & Julie, flower girl
Christie with the ring bearer and pages
Bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearer and pages
The Bridal Party

Christie & Jessica, Matron of Honor
Christie & Beth, bridesmaid
Christie & Megan, bridesmaid
Christie & I
Christie & Valerie, bridesmaid
Christie & Libby, bridesmaid