Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello fellow traveling buddies!

Okay, so after our time in Ireland (which wasn't given the attention it needed!), we flew our way to the land of Greece. Isn't the Mediterranean Sea so blue?! I love looking at it against the white buildings. And you have to agree, the view from our hotel room (down below) is quite spectacular!

The weather's a bit warmer than the Emerald Isle, wouldn't you say?

I hope our stay is pleasant and that you are able to enjoy a swim sometime!


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying all the good food in this land, Some of the best vegetables are the eggplant, mushrooms and okra.
There are some very good appetizers and one I enjoyed the goats milk yogurt strained and made into thickened cheese which is preserved in spiced olive oil. Spread it on warm toast and it will make a wonderful light meal.
Todays lunchon was stuffed tomatoes, fried cheese drizzled with lemon juice and pepper and a bowl of garlic flavored Greek yogurt which made a mouthwatering spread.
The broiled vegewtable terrine with eggplant, pepper, zucchini, onion, raisins has been very good.
I could go on and on about the food! The Green lentle soup,broiled eggplant parcels and potato cakes with feta cheese. Yummy!
I spent yesterday ar the street market which is fascinating with a wonderful array of fruits and vegetables. I wanted to swap my hotel room for a kitchen in which to cook a feast of sweet, juicy local produce.
Before you get hungry do stop and have some stuffed grape leaves but do not take any kind but the ones with garlic yogurt.
Take care travlers. Valerie

the W. family said...

Hey Lacey!
Wow the view from your hotel is beautiful!! What kind of a trip are you on?? Are you doing a tour through Europe?
Your blog background is so pretty and refreshing looking. :)

Anonymous said...

I am going to catch up on my greek jounral.

May 7th
Enjoying the greek Islands! Now I am in Athens where I just viwed anceient monuments. This place is rich in history! What a wonderful view of the sea and mountains I have. Seen the famous ruins of the Acropolis which was once the high protected part of the city.

May 8th
What a maze of narrrow streets Athens has. The tavorns ( Greek resturants) and shopping are fine. Spent the day shopping and bought a bouzouki - a Greek style mandoline as a sovenier for my sisters. Lunch was a salad made with tomatoes, olives and feta cheese. This afternoon I visited the tomb of the unknown soldier where guards paraded in front of the monument.

May 9th
Now in Mykonos which is the best known Greek Island . This place is as typical as a white wash Greek Island town cqan be, but it has too many bars and clubs, so I shall move on .

May 10th
Next stop is cyclodes Island located in the central and southern part of the aegean sea where there aew 39 Islands, in the cyclodes. Only 24 are in habited! I find peace and tranquility but there is still some night life. This place is wonderful with its narrow paths full of flowers, white washed houses, blue windows and white chiurches under the dazling sun cpmplimented by golden beaches.

Today I was off yoo Santorini which is officially known as Thira l.ocated south most of cyclades. What a stunning view of the ring shaped Island where a violent volcano eruption once took place. Great shopping!

Fellow travlers what have you been up too?