Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fancy Chloe!

Hey there!

Below are pictures from Chloe's 1st birthday party. Such a cute little girlie! We love her so much and get such a kick out of her. She's growing up fast, and her personality is really coming out -- through her small, toothy grins and all!! :-)

As I said in another post, we had a Fancy Nancy party. (I'll try to find a link for her once I get one!) Anyways, enjoy some of these snapshots from her party!

The Cake!!
Waiting timidly for the party to begin! ;-)
You guessed it -- Fancy Nancy!
Poppa & Chloe
Even sparkles in her hair!
Everyone was decked out to the hilt!
Grandmas & Granddaughter
The party!! (Note feathers, jewels, fur, ties, crowns, tux, gloves and hats!)
First birthday cake
Even though she had a little help...looks like she's had enough
Lacey, Erin and Abby
For shame. ;-)
Griff & Ab
The cool parents!! ;-D
One cool baby