Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet success!!

That's how it is right now, folks! Sweet success! I have had two of the most productive days this last week. It's great! I've been very motivated. Hence, I'm going to list everything I was able to accomplish.

Enkay, here we go!

Day 1

1. Got up earlier
2. Read the chapter for that day in my Bible study book for church

3. Put all my summer clothes away in the container

4. Put all my winter clothes in the closet

5. Did 3 loads of laundry

6. Made supper

7. Cleaned up the kitchen

8. Practiced some music on the piano

9. Dusted my room

10. Vacuumed my room

11. Played a board game with Molly

12. Dressed up more; "fixed" my hair; and put on make-up. (Not always part of the daily routine!)

13. Tidied up my music books

14. Caused 3 power outages because of my vacuuming! *smile*

Day 2

1. Cleaned the kitchen

2. Made pizza crust, which was going to be for our lunch (however, no cheese!)

3. Baked cookies

4. Swept the kitchen floor

5. Made bread

6. Showered

7. Babysat for neighbors

8. Did a load of laundry

9. Went bowling with some friends

10. Played the piano

It's great being productive and getting so much done! I'm also not drinking any milk for this week. (I really like it and will eat something sweet so I can drink milk! However, it causes me to break out!)

Below are some pictures of the pile of my summer stuff and then my *new* closet! It really needed to be tended to. My clothes were getting very out of hand. *smile

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Nikki said...

Wow! You have a lot of clothes! My family says I have a lot of clothes too! IT was great to read a post! And it is very fun to be productive! I finally posted on my blog! CHECK IT OUT!