Thursday, October 30, 2008

PBS Poll

Hey, fellow McCain-Palin supporters! Someone sent this information to me, I voted, and now I'm passing along the instructions so YOU can follow suit! Just read the instructions below!

"PBS has an online poll posted, asking if Sarah Palin is qualified. Apparently, the Left wing knew about this in advance and are flooding the voting with "no" votes. The poll will be reported on

PBS and picked up by mainstream media. It can influence undecided voters in swing states.

Please do 2 things:

1) Click on the link and vote YES!Here's the link:
Inform every McCain-Palin supporter that you know about this poll.


~Tori~ said...

We voted!

Lacey said...

Thanks for voting, Tori!!

Nikki said...

Are family has voted for McCain and Palin and we are going to vote yes on your link!

Nikki said...

MY cousin that you asked how tall he is, well he is almost 7 foot!!! Yeah he is tall!!
Yes my cousin -in-law is very pretty! I cna see why he would like her!