Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Year in Review! Part 2

" Happy Campers" Needless to was muddy during our soccer game at the church campout. :-)

Mom, Dad, Griff, Bek, Ab, some friends, and I participated in a 5K walk/run. Abby's on the home stretch!

Andrew, Gabriel, and Jonathan...the three little guys I watched.

Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Martin

Griff & Bek playing a game at one of the wedding showers

Having dinner with some friends while attending the CHEF homeschool conference

We were able to enjoy a day of swimming at Hillsdale Lake this past summer

Our soccer group

On a weekend in July, Griff & I took a trip down to a couple of lakes in MO with my grandparents' wavereunners. One morning we had breakfast at this little marina.

Moving day!!

In March, Abby & I visited our friends from Iowa.

In March, our church had a couples banquet.

Griff & Bek are engaged!!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! What a great post! It was so good to see you all at the wedding,and Lord willing it won't be as long before we see you again! May the Lord lead and guide you in a new way this year!

Love and Hugs,

Lisa said...

Hi Lacey,
Thank you for sending us a link to your blog. It is great to see the pictures of you guys.
Hopefully, we will see you sometime this year!
Lisa (Burns :-)

Bethany said...

Awww...I recognize some dear people in a few of these pictures -- so fun!! Such radiant smiles!

Jonathan Spratt said...

I like your camping/soccer pictures. I commented on Ab's site and didn't want to leave you out!