Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Limits.m4v

It's time to vote! My friend, Liz, is trying to win an essay/video contest for CollegePlus. So, help her out by viewing/liking the video. The more likes/hits she gets, the more chances she has of winning. I know she'll really appreciate your help! Make sure you click on the button "YouTube" so that the views will count!

(By the way, my brother makes a cameo apperance!!)


MAZZOU (Marjolaine) said...

It was neat to see Liz in ''real'' life....and Griff: ha ha! :)

Marjo B said...

So, Lacey...I've been wondering recently: How do you know the Zieglers? Have you met them?

And...I was reading up about the Vetter movies, such as Pawns Move; and was I ever surprised to see that Mrs. Wells wrote the story! I knew YOU rather knew the Wells....but had no idea your friends did too. I always thought of the Wells as belonging to MO, and your friends to KS!
What a small world! :)