Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello ol' chaps! ;-)

I say, you have now placed your feet on the solid ground of England! You must be tired from your travels, so why don't you pop on over to the hotel. Might I suggest one of these as your means of transportation?

Stay tuned for more!

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Courtney said...

<3 the red bus! :)

Kenna said...

The beautiful land of England!
(the hotel stay was quite nice as was the bus ride) :)
Can't wait for the next stop!
Happy traveling to all of my traveling buddies! (that I don't know) :)

Anonymous said...

What an interesting ride it would be in that big red bus! I've seen one here in the US once before, I think. Can't remember where though. :)

Rachel said...

I hope I'd have the nerve to ride in the top, just for the experience, but I probably wouldn't. :)

Elizabeth J. said...

England is one of the places I have always wanted to visit especially since I love many English authors. Oh, if you're wandering how I came across your blog, it was through the followers on Rachel's blog. If you'd like, drop by my blog.


Anonymous said...

Perfect first stop ! I love this place and even had a birthday to go with it. You should stop for high tea before leaving and have a scone. Valerie

Anonymous said...

I am having a wonderful time and enoying the jacket potatoes which I had for dinner( these are like a huge baked potato with a topping)!This warmed me up in the damp climate. The weather has been kind of cold today 37F. I guess I will stay indoors on Friday as it looks like a few rain showers. Today I visited the tower of London and had a tour of it. If you have not already gone you should make it you number 1 stop.Yesterday went to Westminster Abbey, and saw the poets corner since I just dote on poems. I must close now and get some rest before getting up early to spend a quite day at Victoria and Albert Museum. How are you enjoying your stay my other travling friends ( that I do not know:)? Valerie