Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Texas Time

Howdy ya'll!! In case you're wondering why I'm greeting you with a Southern drawl, it's because the festivities featured in this entire post took place in Texas! Our family had the privilege of attending the wedding of Eric and Hannah, which was held out on a ranch in San Antonio.

Rehearsal dinner
Isn't that cute?!
We also got to pay a visit to the Alamo (Dad was taking this shot!)
There it is!
The bridesmaids
The little ring bearers really enjoyed this!
Little flower girls
Mr. D and Hannah
The happy couple!!!
Reception time...isn't that beautiful?!
Wedding cake
Groom's Cake - right along with saddle!
Mrs. Hannah S. and Lindsey


My Bright Corner said...




Lucky you!

{PS - nice Hoosier t-shirt!!}

Anonymous said...

They're a cute couple!
Great pics. looks like ya'll had a good time!
God Bless!

Lacey said...

Hey Rebecca! So you be a Texas fan?? ;-) It was such a busy trip...seemed like we were constantly going. Thanks, I got that t-shirt when I was in Indy back in August. :-) I needed one!

My Bright Corner said...

Oh yes, I'm a TX fan! I have friends who live down there and I've been twice to visit them. So much fun! I didn't want to come back home either time!