Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our 4th of July Celebration!

Here are those pictures that I told you were coming! *smile* To celebrate the 4th this year, we had several families over to our new home and enjoyed a cookout, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and then topped the night off with a small fireworks display. We were hoping and praying that the rainy weather would keep away - and thankfully it did! Our family enjoyed the day and hope our guests did, too!

Abigail & Molly
Darrick - enjoying a sweet ride on the tire swing

Volleyball - way to dive for that ball!
My brother Griff with his wife, Bek, and little girl, Chloe
L-R: Gabriel, Ab, Darrick, Jonathan, and Craig
Emma Rose
Mom & Mrs. S.
Caleb & Christine - such a happy couple!
L-R: Bethanie, Cassie, me, Alyssa, Karie, and Sherilyn
Lindsey & Bre
A couple of *cool* guys
Isaiah, Griff, and Bek
Darrick & Abby
Justin - being Justin
He had two ropes with flames on the end...


Rachael said...

Cool pics :)
When I was setting up my photography blog I was going to have the layout and header you have, but changed due to some complicated circumstances. It's really nice :)

Kenna said...

Thanks for the update! Looks like ya had fun!
Great pictures!

My Bright Corner said...

Such fun pictures! I like all of the changes you've made on your blog and love, love, love your new profile pic. (Is it new or am I behind on the times?)