Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It was for you, He died...

"We are not saved from sin by trusting in anything we have done. The only means of eternal salvation is through placing our trust in what Jesus did for us on the cross, when He died in our place."


"Through Jesus' sinless life, His death on Calvary as the sinner's substitute, and His victorious resurrection, we can be fully forgiven for all our sin, we can be reconciled to the God we have offended, and we can have the power to live holy lives."

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

“Sin, a little thing? It girded the Redeemer's head with thorns, and pierced His heart! It made Him suffer anguish, bitterness, and woe. Could you weigh the least sin in the scales of eternity, you would fly from it as from a serpent, and abhor the least appearance of evil. Look upon all sin as that which crucified the Saviour, and you will see it to be "exceeding sinful."
~Charles H. Spurgeon