Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dad's Day!!

David Roy M. was born in Charleston, South Carolina, August 30th, 19??. Dad is the eldest of three boys (neither of my parents have sisters!), who grew up in the great state of Indiana. For over 15 years, Dad has been a computer programmer and has developed his own dental software. Our dad enjoys spending time with his family (especially his wife!), basketball and softball, and is a big IU fan. He has been a great provider for our family, and we love him!
Happy Birthday, Dad!!


~Tori~ said...


I can definitely tell the resemblance between your brothers and your dad - even when he was little!

You have had a lot of birthdays around your house lately!

Nikki said...

By the way lacey, I have tagged you check out my blog for more details!

~Tori~ said...

I figured out why I couldn't find Minnesota, Kansas on Mapquest. There is no such thing. It was our mistake - it's supposed to be Minneapolis, Kansas - which, according to Mapquest is around 3 hours from Leavenworth. :)