Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bek's Birthday!

Rebekah S. came into this world on August 12th, 1982--but she’s a brand new addition to our family! That’s right, Rebekah Allison became the beloved bride of our eldest brother, Griff. They were married last fall and are expecting their first little one this coming January! Bek is a very selfless young woman and we have truly come to love her. She enjoys being with her guy, jogging, spending time with family and friends, has always loved to mess with hair (which means we have our own stylist!)as well as camping, and lots of other things. We just want to wish her a very (belated) happy birthday!!
We love you, Bek!!


Abby said...

Love you, Bek!!! So much!!!

~Tori~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEK!! You are so beautiful! I didn't know you were expecting!! Congratulations!!