Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Christ's Armor

That person whom I most dread to see, let me meet him as Christ meets him. Let Christ meet him. He is my armor, I am hidden in Him. My weakness, my fear, my hostility will be covered by his strength, his courage, his love.

~Elisabeth Elliot~

A Lamp For My Feet


~Tori~ said...

What a profound thought! I also love the quote of the week....thank you for sharing them both! You always have such neat ones to share!

~Tori~ said...

Hey, where is Abby these days?

Lacey said...

Thanks, Tori! I read this one evening and I wanted to post it on my blog. Everytime I find a quote I like I try to paste it in Word Document.

Well, Abby's still here! I'll pass along your concern. :-) We've both been lacking in the area of a lot of posts lately! :-)

~Tori~ said...

I understand about the lack of posts...I'm one to be talking! :-)

I made a mistake in a comment I made about the Sears Tower....I said we went to the Hancock Observatory because it was taller....duh, Tori. The Sears is definitely taller, but I think that there is a better view from the Hancock, that's why we went in that. My bad! :-)