Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I serve a risen Savior, He's in the world today;
I know that He is living, whatever men may say;
I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer,
And just the time I need Him, He's always near.
He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me
Along lifes narrow way.
He lives! He lives! Salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart.
~Alfred H. Ackley
Happy Easter!!


~Tori~ said...

Happy belated Easter to you too! Hope you had a good one! I love that song, by the way! :-)

**~Happenings~** said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I found your blog through linking through other people's comments! It's nice to find another Christian out there in the blogosphere! :)

**~Happenings~** said...

Hey Lacey! I loved, loved, loved Passion & Purity! Actually, every book I've read by Elisabeth Elliot has been excellent. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm 25 about you? We look to be pretty close in age. People always think I'm way younger than I actually am. :) I know when I'm older I'll appreciate it but now...well...I'd rather look my age! haha! Have a wonderful day!

Lacey Martin said...

Do you love that song, Tori? We sang it at church this past Sunday. There's a lot of truth in that chorus! :-)

Yes, I did like Passion & Purity, Rebecca. As I said, I wrote several "quotes" down. How is the book "Keep A Quiet Heart"? I don't know if I've ever heard of that one.
It's funny that you should mention how people think you're younger than what you normally are. I get that too! People usually think I'm still in school. I'll be 21 in April. Thanks for thinking I looked a little more my age! :-)

**~Happenings~** said...

Funny that you should ask about Keep a Quiet Heart; after I wrote that last comment, I thought to myself that I should've mentioned Keep a Quiet Heart! It's a collection of articles that Elisabeth Elliot wrote in a newsletter she sent out at one time. Once again, an incredible read! I purchased my copy on Amazon for a great deal!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say happy be-lated Easter in my last letter I sent you. tell happenings that I udnerstand her because everyone says I look like am about 6 years younger then what I am.