Thursday, January 24, 2008

Changes, changes!

Here I go again! Another change has been made! I looked over several different backgrounds for my blog, but have resolved to keep the Blogger template with a few alterations. Since it's getting close to Valentine's Day, what better theme than that? Yes, I know it's not red...but I couldn't get some other colors to look right. So, brown & pink!

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Bekah R said...

To Cute Lace! So appropiate for Valentines day! Please be continuing to look for my longer comment that I saved on the computer at home! I'm sorry I havn't got a chance to post it yet! It may be a bit yet, because I'm actually at the Kangas household right now, and will be here through Sunday! Mom came up to spend time with her best friend, and sister Auntie Pat for a in advance birthday gift to herself! Mom loves nothing better than to spend time with Aunt Pat, and mom's birthday is Monday! So we will be home for her actual birthday, but some very fun pre-birthday celebration! I am the only one that came with mom, and we are having a very fun time! We had such sweet fellowship, and good talks alone in the car on the way up! I even got to drive for about two hours! I didn't even barely pick up the stuff (knitting books etc..!) I brought, because I was so busy talking, and driving! It's great fun to be able to take a little vacation, and just relax! Aunt Pat already gave my a cute hair cut freshening up my layers, and taking a couple inches off, and I'm having fun taking pictures with my new camera which I just purchased today! Well I better stop writing a book here!:) Hey how far are you from here(Kangas's)? It would be really fun if we could get together! But it was just a thought! I know that it's really last minute, so don't feel bad if it simply doesn't even work in anyway, because I havn't even mentioned it to mom yet, so just let me know what you think! Hey great job on the changes once again, and I hope my long comment I saved still makes sense by the time I'm able to post it!

Love Ya Sweet Friend!